About us

Personal finance is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Yet, few people care about it. When they begin to think about their finances, it is already too late. In today’s uncertain atmosphere, where there is no job security and various other factors can derail our lives, it is more important than ever to be alert and prepared for any circumstance.

Schools teach us how to make money but not how to use it wisely. In the end, what matters is not how much you make but how much you keep and grow.

This website is for everyone who has an income or expects to earn in the future. It does not matter whether you are an employee or a businessperson.

People tend to leave things for the future because they think that the subject is complex. It can be intimidating at times, but you should learn to overcome the fear and start your financial planning journey so that you can lead a comfortable and tension free life.

Moneyhandle is a personal finance blog for every Indian who wishes to make his financial journey smooth. It does not matter whether you 20 or 40. Better late than never.

You can take charge of your financial health anytime you decide. Concise,  complete and unbiased information about the different investment options – which you will find on this blog, will empower you to take better decisions and improve your financial health.

You will find the following topics on this blog:

  • Investing options available in India.
  • How to save and grow your money.
  • What is Insurance and why it is essential.
  • Different types of Insurances.
  • How to save money while Investing.
  • Tax Saving.
  • Financial Freedom – A dream concept.
  • Stock Market Investing.
  • Mutual Funds, Index Funds, SIPs.
  • Government schemes like PPF, NPS, etc.
  • Unconventional knowledge and strategies of investing.

and much more.

If you are reading this, I am really glad and I sincerely hope that my small initiative will help India become a little more financially educated. So keep reading and growing.