Here’s how to pay with Paypal on Amazon India [Updated- February 2022]


I was quite surprised at first when I found that I cannot pay with PayPal on amazon and flipkart. I had a Rs 200 cashback voucher lying in my PayPal account which was going to expire in two days. So I did some research and found a quick workaround to buy anything on amazon or flipkart with PayPal. The trick is to buy e-gift cards and add them to your Amazon / flipkart account. The steps are very simple. Let’s see.

How to buy anything on amazon using PayPal?

All you need to do is that you have to buy an e-gift card from an external website that accepts PayPal. I found such a website called to be suitable for the job. You may try other websites if you want but there are a limited number of websites accepting PayPal. First of all, create an account on then proceed to buy the coupons.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Paypal has announced that it will stop its domestic payment services in India. You cannot buy Amazon gift cards with PayPal in India. This article was written originally in 2019 and may not help you now. Please read more here:Ā

I used zingoy to buy a Rs 50 amazon E-gift card. The thing to remember here is that the gift cards are only available for fixed amounts such as 100, 250, 500 up to Rs 2000.

buying gift cards on
Various Amazon coupons listed on
Select the required coupon

Visit and select the E-gift card of the required value by clicking the Add to Cart button. Then you will have to make the payment. Select PayPal for making the payment and login to your PayPal account. After making the payment successfully, you will receive the e-gift card on your email as shown in screenshots below.

Select Paypal for payment
Paypal payment screen
Received the gift card on email (Don’t smile, you won’t be able to use the code:) )

Add the Gift Card to amazon

After receiving the gift card on E-mail, you have to add it to your amazon account. To do so, go to amazon, log in using your id and password, and enter the alpha-numeric PIN received in the gift card. The amount will be added to your Amazon Pay balance which can now be used to buy anything on Amazon India website.
Gift card added- success screen on

Congratulations! You just learned how to pay with PayPal on amazon.


1. Does Amazon accept Paypal?

No, Amazon does not accept PayPal as a payment option directly. You have to use indirect methods such as buying gift-cards from third party websites for buying on Amazon India.

2. Does Flipkart accept Paypal?

No, Flipkart does not accept PayPal directly. You have to use indirect methods such as buying gift-cards from third party websites for buying on Flipkart. You can buy coupons from websites such as,, etc.

How to buy anything on flipkart with PayPal?

To make a purchase on Flipkart with PayPal, buy gift card from zingoy or any other website that accepts PayPal. Then add the gift card to Flipkart and enjoy. Just remember that gift cards are only available for discrete amounts such as Rs 250, 500 upto 1000 etc.
Various flipkart gift cards listed on zingoy.
Add gift card on flipkart website
Add the gift card to flipkart to shop

Why Amazon does not accept PayPal?

Amazon must be crazy for not accepting PayPal. PayPal is a reputed and rather old payments service trusted by millions over the world. But that’s not the case. It turns out that there’s a business motive behind excluding PayPal – to push Amazon Pay (relatively new) ahead of the already established PayPal with a huge userbase.

So if Amazon starts to accept PayPal on its website, it would hurt Amazon Pay as both are competitors. If you ever shopped on eBay, you will recall that there we had PayPal integrated. Paypal was launched in 1999. It was acquired by eBay in 2002 and stayed with it until 2015.


I am sure that this method has worked for you and you were able to make purchases using paypal on amazon or flipkart. If you are facing any issues, feel free to ask in the comments below. If this article was helpful, please comment below so that I may bring more such posts.

Update- August 2020

The original version of the post suggested using a website called to buy Amazon India and Flipkart gift-cards. But the gift cards are out of stock on grabon for many months now hence I have updated the article and the new method is 100% working. Thanks to the readers for bringing this to attention.

Amol Agarwal

My name is Amol Agarwal and I am a personal finance and financial literacy advocate. I have been interested in the field of investing, personal finance, and consumer awareness. Our financial institutions can help us in growing our money if we know how to make use of them correctly. I started moneyhandle. in 2018 to help Indians with their personal finance doubts. My mission is to make our fellow Indians better understand their finances and to prevent them from making mistakes in the financial markets.
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Anjali B N
Anjali B N
4 years ago

Thanks a million for helping people through this blog!! šŸ™‚ I had credit in my Paypal wallet and was wondering how to use it. After much searching on Google, I found your blog! I was able to add my Paypal credit to my Amazon pay balance via Grabon! Thank you very much once again!

4 years ago

Grab on Iā€™d not allowing to buy gift card , any other way ?

Harsh Sinha
Harsh Sinha
3 years ago

Right now the gift cards are out of stock amy reasons for it?

Prajwal Mantinwar
Prajwal Mantinwar
3 years ago

Can i stack gift & credit balance upto 40k-50k by buying 2k gift card multiple times incase i want to buy something which cost 40k or 50k or there’s a limit for gift & credit balance?

3 years ago

zingoy doesnt accept paypal anymore do u have any other site please ???

Reply to  Amol Agarwal
2 years ago

Hi. Even komparify not accepting PayPal now. Do you have any other sites? Please let me know. Thanks in advance

3 years ago

I’m currently living in indonesia, does the paypal balance i had will work on zingoy? Thank you.

Agnelo Andrade
Agnelo Andrade
3 years ago

In also can’t use PayPal